La Puerta General

La Sierra de Segura has a door that surprisingly bursts into nature, charming those who visit it, stop to observe its landscape, and fall in love with its curious architecture, its colors in the seasons, and numerous traditions.

La Puerta de Segura, whose most remote remains date back to Prehistory, come to represent a space of vital importance due to the water and river, a place where human groups inhabited since Prehistory. The Iberian era site known as Bujalamé was very notable, as well as of vital value during medieval times (both Muslim and Christian).

Its intricate streets show us the peculiarity of its history, which has made possible the settlement of its people, by a long history to make it called Puerta place grow and today take on the entity of the beautiful place to which we invite you to visit.

May you be welcome to La Puerta de Segura.

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